Click on the logo above to open up a flyer showing what a typical 890 year looks like.

Click on the logo above to open up a flyer showing what a typical 890 year looks like.

“A boy is not a sitting-down animal.”
— Baden-Powell

Scroll through the pages listed on the left, and the photos below, for more information on our Troop. We are a part of Circle 10 Council and Northern Trail District.

We canoe.

We canoe.


We lead. We honor.


We camp. With flamingos.


We hang with buds.


We bugle.

Which way, Nick.jpg

We hike.


We splash.


We are pranksters.

Finished 50.jpg

We hike 50 miles during Spring Break.

Tom chillin NT.jpg

We chill.

JTA Climbing medium.jpg

We rappel.


We fish.


We love Dads!


We love brothers.


We love Moms!!


We love Moms in uniform!


We are Arrowmen.

Constantin sky.jpg

We love sunsets.

We don't mind standing out in a crowd.jpg

We are the Flamingo Troop.

Cool lighting.jpg

We camp. Even at night!

Goatees and spoons.jpg

We serve. We eat.

Future QM.jpg

We eat. Well.

Nick Iron Eagle Tri.jpg

We do triathlons.

We did it.jpg

We ride 50 miles.

Tent on fire.jpg

We do trick photography.


We like fire.

DADs win.jpg

We win at broomball.

Robert's graduating group.jpg

We stick with Scouting. We make Eagle. All 12 of us. Over 533 of us and counting…


We celebrate our Eagle Scouts. Even prankster #491.


We are the pot of gold.

Rainbow on Ensign Lake.JPG

We love rainbows.

The pot of gold was on Ashigan Lake just out from our campsite.JPEG

We love pots of gold (just off our campsite at Northern Tier in July 2019).

Flam watching....JPG

We build new benches at our summer camp home (2019).

Just awesome.

Just awesome.

Sunset at WG.jpg
“The man who is blind to the beauties of nature has missed half the pleasure of life.”
— Baden-Powell