“The spirit is there in every boy [and girl]; it has to be discovered and brought to light.”
— Baden-Powell (founder of the world Scouting movement)

Scouting is strong for families in the Lake Highlands area of Dallas

Lake Highlands United Methodist Church has sponsored Scouting units in the Boy Scouts of America for over 50 years. Starting in February 2019, Scouting programs are available for all youth, boys and girls, of all ages. If your son or daughter is in Kindergarten through 12th grade, he and she can join the age-specific program. Cub Scout Pack 890 is co-ed and for youth in Kindergarten through 5th grade. As of August 2018, boys and girls can join Pack 890. Troop 890 - Boys is for boys in 5th through 12th grade and will continue to be a leading Troop in our area since 1961. Troop 890 - Girls is for girls in 5th through 12th grade and launched on Day 1 — February 1, 2019. The “Boy” Troop and “Girl” Troop are “linked” and supported by the same Troop Committee of experienced and dedicated parents. These Troops will do some activities jointly and some separately. But all girls and all boys will be able to earn the rank of Eagle Scout. Click here for some FAQs about the new Girls’ Troop 890. Venturing Crew 890 is for boys and girls ages 14-21 and focuses on outdoor activities.

M Tiger.JPG

Cub scout pack 890

They start as little Lions and Tigers. Girls and boys. Then they grow up.


troop 890 - girls

Join us in our new adventure. An aerie of Eagles. A blessing of Narwhals.

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troop 890 - boys

Our mascot is the flamingo. Keep Calm and Trust the Flamingos. Keep Scouting.


venturing crew 890