“Scoutmasters [and Scouts] need the capacity to enjoy the out-of-doors.”
— Baden-Powell


LAST CAMPOUT — April 2019 - Canoeing

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CAMPOUT — November 2018 — Olympics Campout

Our annual fall recruiting Olympics Games Campout featured perfect, perfect fall weather. Over 50 Scouts and 20 adults attended this year. In addition to many Webelos II recruits from LH area Cub Scout Packs, we were joined by the future Scouts of Troop 890 - Girls, and their leaders. Over 15 soon-to-be Scouts (girls) attended, camped out, enjoyed our feast, and enjoyed exploring the outdoors with their buddies. Sound familiar?? Oh yeah, and the Dads beat the boys (Bacon Ninjas) at Broomball!! We are indebted to Mr. Noble for his generosity every year.

Olympics sun just up.jpg

The sun was up a bit after 8 am, and it was time to start shedding layers after a sub-40 degrees Friday night.

Olympics the smoker.jpg

Get ready to eat turkey!

Olympics Goofy Cooks.jpg

High quality servers…

Olympics dinner line.jpg

Thanks to all our guests and 890 recruits for joining us!

Olympics 890 recruits.jpg

Future 890 boys and girls.

Olympics sunset.jpg

Saturday evening sunset.

Olympics Anna Lightfest.jpg

We could see the Anna Lightfest balloons.

Olympics SM and ASPLQM.jpg

I’ll be back next year…

CAMPOUT — October 2018

For our October 2018 Campout, we did something new. Despite the cancellation of the Waco Wild West 50, and thus our plans to go cheer on the Firstie riders, and despite weather forecasts that were ominous, we still braved the mud at Mr. Hickman’s ranch near Hamilton, Texas. We had a small group and got to hang out, sleep late for a change, eat at Viteks in Waco, tour stuff in Waco, and enjoy the Russell Show at the campfire. Fun fun times! And no rain bead…

DADs tent at Hickman's.jpg

DADs tent at the ranch with blue skies!

Caliche pit.jpg

The caliche pit up top with beautiful clouds.

WMNM sign round 3.jpg

Posing after visiting this cool National Monument…

DP Museum.jpg

After touring the Dr. Pepper Museum and visiting the soda fountain, we were sugared up…


We camp 3 times in the fall and 3 times in the spring. First Years typically have 2 more 1-nighter campouts. Some campouts are “standard” and others are selected and planned by the PLC. Below are maps for some of the standard campouts.

Braveheart at War Games Campout…

Braveheart at War Games Campout…

We camp every January at Mr. Alspaw’s Ranch near Iredell (a bit south of Glen Rose). This is the family ranch of Jon Alspaw, 890 Eagle # 46 (1973), also father of Cameron, 890 Eagle # 351 (2007).

Youngblood pond.jpg

We have camped several times at the Youngblood Ranch in Sanger, Texas. This is the family ranch of Carita Youngblood, mother of Harris, 890 Eagle # 514 (2017).


We sometimes camp at Camp Trevor-Rees Jones, a Circle 10 Council camp, near Athens. This camp was formerly known as Camp Cherokee and also Camp Meisenbach.

Hurry up and get the canoe down to Lake Texoma…

Hurry up and get the canoe down to Lake Texoma…

We sometimes camp at Camp James Ray, a Circle 10 Council camp, near Sherman.

Travis Ranch boys.jpg

We have camped twice at the Travis Ranch outside Athens. This is the family ranch of Bill Travis, father of Bryan, 890 Eagle # 115 (1985).

Sunset at the Travis Ranch.

Sunset at the Travis Ranch.