“The sport in Scouting is to find the good in every boy and develop it.”
— Baden-Powell

key 3 leaders

The “Key Three” Leaders in the Troop are the Chartered Organization Representative, Committee Chair, and Scoutmaster. They are:

David Fisher, Chartered Organization Representative quartermaster@troop890.org

Jeff Donnell, Committee Chair committeechair@troop890.org

Todd Allen, Scoutmaster scoutmaster@troop890.org 214-546-7163

Our other leaders, with their contact information, are as follows:

Senior Patrol Leader: Nicholas Landry; spl@troop890.org

Quartermaster: David Fisher; quartermaster@troop890.org

First Year Scoutmaster (2019-26)(incoming 5th graders): Andy Biancardi; andrew.biancardi@gmail.com

First Year Scoutmaster (2018-25)(current 6th graders): Jeff Nicodemus; jenicodemus@sbcglobal.net

First Year Scoutmaster (2017-24)(current 7th graders): David Boone; davboone2003@gmail.com

First Year Scoutmaster (2016-23)(current 8th graders): Eric Horstman; eric.horstman@corgan.com

First Year Scoutmaster (2015-22)(current 9th graders): Todd Allen

First Year Scoutmaster (2014-21)(current 10th graders): Stephen Hotz; stephen.hotz@gmail.com

First Year Scoutmaster (2013-20)(current 11th graders): Jamie Peterson; jamie.peterson@sbcglobal.net

First Year Scoutmaster (2012-19)(current 12th graders) and Scoutmaster Emeritus (2016-18): Chris Arends; carends@swbell.net

Treasurer: Jason Woodbury; treasurer@troop890.org

Mom’s Club Chair: Michelle Miterko; miterko@mac.com

High Adventure Coordinator: Greg Johnson; highadventure@troop890.org

Advancement Coordinators: Lisa and Greg Johnson; advancements@troop890.org

Merit Badge and Board of Review Coordinator: Jim Lawrenz; jimlawrenz@texashealth.org

Eagle Coordinator: Carl Lucas; eagle@troop890.org