It's go time!


It’s real: the start of Troop 890 - Girls is just a few days away, now! We cannot wait to get started!

Here are a couple of notes as we gear up for the beginning of our journey:

  • Meetings! We'll have our first Troop meeting at 7:00pm on Monday, Feb 4, at Lake Highlands United Methodist Church.

  • Uniforms: New ones are coming in to the Scout Shop; get one when you can, but don’t sweat it. You’ll have time to deal with that, and we have our Troop TShirts (Class B uniform) now. The older style uniforms are totally fine, too, if you already have one of those.

  • Handbooks: There is a new BSA Handbook for Girls that is pretty dang cool. The Dallas Scout Shop is running out of them frequently, and they’re constantly ordering more. You can also get one online at Like the uniform, you’ll eventually need one, but there’s not a need for you to rush and stress about this. The current boys’ handbook is identical in terms of requirements and information (though not as cool), so if you’d prefer to go that route, that works, too.

It’s going to fun, y’all!

Kickoff Party

It's party time


We're kicking off Troop 890 - Girls with a climbing lock in!  Join us Feb 2 for a night of climbing, pizza, and uniform patches!

Bring your friends who might want to join the Troop!


When:  10:00pm Feb 2 - 2:00am Feb 3
WhereSummit Climbing Gym Dallas
Cost:  $20 per climber

We'll serve pizza and drinks, and we'll have Troop 890 - Girls TShirts ($16), belts ($20), and uniform patches ($0).

We'll also have Scout sign-up forms, so you and your friends can join up during the evening.

While we'll be there until 2:00am, there's no requirement that you stay so late:  feel free to come when you can and stay as long as you'd like.  We'll have a brief kick off celebration at 10:30, but otherwise, we'll be climbing and having fun.

All climbers must have a guardian sign a waiver.  That can be done online ahead of time using this form.

We can't wait to see you!

Join us at the Olympics Campout

Flag Football Nuke em Archery BB guns Broomball Pre-Thanksgiving feast

Flag Football
Nuke em
BB guns
Pre-Thanksgiving feast

OLYMPICS CAMPOUT — November 16-18, 2018

Troop 890 has been camping at Mr. Noble’s farm near Desert, Texas (between Anna and Bonham on Hwy. 121) for over 30 years the weekend before Thanksgiving. This is our annual recruiting campout where we invite Cub Scout Webelos IIs to visit our Troop and see what we are about. We continue this tradition in 2018 and are starting a new tradition: inviting girls who are interested in starting Girls’ Troop 890. For information and details on Boy Troop 890, please contact incoming First Year Scoutmaster Andy Biancardi,, (214) 802-8185, who will be leading the group of boys who are joining our Troop and starting their Scouting journey early in 2019. For information and details for Girls’ Troop 890, please contact Lane Duncan at There is no cost for visitors but we ask that you let us know who will be coming. You are welcome to stay the day AND night. The Quartermaster staff will serve a pre-Thanksgiving feast around 2 pm for all adults and visitors.

Families welcome and encouraged to attend; visitors welcome to stay overnight -- just bring a tent and let us know! Sign up can be found here:

Lots of details can be found here.