Youth Leader Training

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The introductory youth leader training in our Council is called Oak Leaf. It is a full day and overnight course put on by youth and adult volunteers in our District. Boys must be First Class and recommended by their First Year Scoutmaster to attend. All boys serving in any leadership position are required to attend.



NYLT is the next youth leadership training offered 6 times each year by youth and adult volunteers in our Council. It is a 5 day and 5 night intensive course. While we recommend this course for all youth leaders after they complete Oak Leaf, we REQUIRE all Senior Patrol Leaders to complete NYLT before starting their term.



NAYLE is a week-long leadership development experience offered at Philmont and The Summit. It is for 14 and older boys and girls. It underscores the values of Scouting, teamwork, and promotes the concepts of servant leadership.

Adult Leader Training


All registered leaders MUST complete the online Youth Protection Training and renew the training every 2 years. There are no exceptions and we take this seriously. We strongly encourage all parents to take the course so that you know the rules by which all youth and adults abide.


Registered leaders are strongly enouraged to take the basic leader in-person training. This training consists of 2 weekday nights of classroom work, followed by a weekend campout to complete the course.

Wood Badge is the top adult leader training course. It is taught by very dedicated volunteers from our Council, and is offered in the winter, spring, and fall in two 3-day weekends. It is also offered in August in a 6-day course at Philmont Socut Ranch in New Mexico.

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