One cool Troop 890 tradition is that the “graduating” FYSM makes/carves a totem for the incoming FYSM and presents it on the final day of summer camp. Once the incoming FYSM makes it through a week at summer camp with his group, he is locked in, toughened, and ready to keep his boys moving towards First Class. Many totems for years were fairly standard and used a piece of wood with the Constantin “C” and crossed paddles carved into the wood. The totem was placed on a leather piece and hung from the name tag on the right pocket button. In recent years, some graduating FYSMs have gotten creative…

FYSM Totem Page.jpg

The FYSM Totem for Jeff Page circa summer 2006

The FYSM Totem for Andrew Bucki circa summer 2007

FYSM Totem Ochoa.jpg

The FYSM Totem for David Ochoa circa summer 2008

The FYSM Totem for Ron Bradshaw circa summer 2009

The FYSM Totem for Jeff Little circa summer 2010

The FYSM Totem for Kyle Friedel circa summer 2011

FYSM Totem Arends.jpg

The FYSM Totem for Chris Arends circa summer 2012

The FYSM Totem for Jamie Peterson circa summer 2013

FYSM Totem Hotz.jpg

The FYSM Totem for Stephen Hotz circa summer 2014

The FYSM Totem for Todd Allen circa summer 2015 (hourglass with paddles)

FYSM Totem Horstman.jpg

The FYSM Totem for Eric Horstman circa summer 2016 (summer camp wood block with Turk’s Head knot and cylinder block with Constantin “C”)

The FYSM Totem for David Boone circa summer 2017 (architecturally laser-cut)

FYSM Totem Nico.jpg

The FYSM Totem for Jeff Nicodemus circa summer 2018 (fancy and colorful)

FYSM Totem Biancardi.JPG

The FYSM Totem for Andy Biancardi circa summer 2019 (huge and breaking the rules with a flamingo)