“He alone is worthy to wear the Arrow who will continue faithfully to serve his fellow man.”
— Allowat Sakima

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The Order of the Arrow (OA) is Scouting’s camping honor society. For over 100 years, the OA has recognized Scouts and Scouters who best exemplify the Scout Oath and Law in their daily lives. This recognition provides encouragement for others to live these ideals as well. Arrowmen are known for maintaining camping traditions and spirit, promoting year-round and long term resident camping, and providing cheerful service to others. OA service, activities, adventures, and training for youth and adults are models of quality leadership development and programming that enrich and help to extend Scouting to America's youth.


The Order of the Arrow was founded in 1915 to serve a useful purpose: to cause the Scout Oath and Law to spring into action in all parts of the nation. To this day, the Order is dedicated to this high purpose.


Boys must be First Class rank and have 15 eligible nights of camping in the last 2 years to be eligible to be elected to the OA. Troop 890 has elections for the OA every year in late March. All boys, even those not members of the OA and even First Years, are eligible to vote. The OA is one of the only organizations where members are elected by both members AND non-members. After the election takes place in late March, all boys who are elected are “called out” at Summer Camp in June. Adults also may be elected to the OA by nomination of the Troop Committee.


After being elected and called out, boys and adults have one year to complete their Ordeal. The Ordeal is a weekend of service and ceremonies at a Circle 10 Council camp. At the Ordeal, the candidates are given a series of tests and all of the “mysteries” are revealed. BSA prohibits any type of “secret” societies, and the OA is not a “secret” society, but it does maintain a sense of mystery which hopefully motivates non-members to strive to be seen by their peers as worthy of election. Any parents wishing to know more about the OA should contact the Scoutmaster, who can answer questions and provide context for what the OA is all about. Troop 890 is located in the Arapaho Chapter of Mikanakawa Lodge.


The 2019 class of Scouts and adults called out are: David F.; Andy B.; Sam L.; Gavin B.; and George F.

The 2018 class of Scouts elected to the OA included: Max A.; Will C.; Nick K.; James B.; Russell N.; Cash U.; Evan R.; Nicholas L.; Joshua H.; and Max L. Adults included: Jonathan S.; Jason V.; and Nick R.

The 2017 class of Scouts elected to the OA included: Joe K.; Xander B.; John D.; Will D.; Will J.; and Tim L. Adult was Dru U.

The 2016 class of Scouts elected to the OA included: Carson B. and Brody H. Adult was Charlie K.


The Vigil Honor is the highest level in the Order of the Arrow, only achieved by nomination and selection by your peers. To be nominated, youth and adults must have served in the Order of the Arrow for a minimum of 3 years. In the history of Troop 890, in our 55+ years and 500+ Eagles, only 5 youth and 4 adults have been selected for Vigil. The youth are Andrew Meaders (2008), Tanner Miller (2009), Richard Berry (2014), Stephen Berry (2016), and Jackson Allen (2018). The adults are Norm Meador (1982) , Pete Sessions (2008), Ken Meaders (2009), and Leigh Anne LeBlanc (2014).

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“The Order of the Arrow is a thing of the outdoors rather than the indoors. It was born in an island wilderness. It needs teh sun and rain, the woods and the plains, the water and the starlit sky.” E. Urner Goodman (founder of the OA)