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lower mountain fork




We will depart LHUMC as close to 5 pm as possible.

Head to Broken Bow, OK, and the we will rendezvous before heading up and east to the outfitter.

Upon arrival, we will set up tents per our usual Friday night drill.


Breakfast — details TBD.

Break down camp.

We will have 2 person canoes and life jackets and paddles will be supplied.

Each canoeist should have 1 dry bag, at least 35 l in size/capacity, to hold his personal gear. This bag should hold ALL personal gear. Personal gear list is below. We will load up the canoes and transport all of our crew upstream to the drop off point with our gear. We will put in the river, paddle until lunch, stop for lunch, then paddle until our night spot. Total river mileage is under 10 miles. The night spot is a primitive area on the river. We will camp there and have dinner and breakfast.


After breakfast, we will break down camp, pack up, and get paddling. Return to Dallas is probably in the 3-5 pm time frame.


sleeping bag and pad

tarp and/or hammock (we do not recommend tents unless the weather looks bad)

toothbrush and toothpaste

1 pair of dry clothes and shoes

mess kit

water bottle

sunscreen and hat


[If your sleeping bag is bulky, and thus takes up most of your 35l dry bag, your options are: 1) take 2 dry bags; 2) get a larger dry bag (like 50 l or more); or 3) get a (likely) more expensive sleeping bag that packs much smaller.]


Each patrol will bring some gear, mainly for meals. We suggest that each patrol plan meals that are nutritious and light. Each patrol will need 1 lunch, 1 dinner, and 1 breakfast meal. The Troop has MSR backpacking stoves and fuel and will bring those for cooking. Meals should mostly require heating water or other minimal cooking and preparation. We will plan out the meals, with adult approval, before the campout to make sure the Scouts have a good plan. We recommend that the Scouts put each meal in 1 (if possible) 5 gallon bucket (like the ones you can get at Home Depot). You can buy a “sealing” lid at Home Depot for the buckets. The canoes are big enough for personal gear and at least 2 5-gallon buckets and probably more.


We will bring sufficient drinking water, 1st Aid Kit, and other needed gear.

To cover canoe rentals, campground fees, and 1 Troop meal (Sat. bfast), the cost will be $25 per person, which can be paid here to the Troop. Additionally, each Scout needs to pay his Patrol QM for the 3 meals for which each patrol is responsible — the cost should be about $15 per usual. Adult meal fee is the standard $50 payable here (so $50 per adult total and approx. $40 per Scout total).